Venue: Gordon Room, Worthing Town Hall

Contact: Neil Terry
Democratic Services Manager & Deputy Monitoring Officer
01903 221073  Email:

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Declarations of Interest

Members and Officers must declare any disclosable pecuniary interests in relation to any business on the agenda. Declarations should also be made at any stage such an interest becomes apparent during the meeting.


If in doubt contact the Legal or Democratic Services representative for this meeting.


Confirmation of Minutes

To approve the minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 20th February 2024, copies of which have been previously circulated.


Public Questions and Deputations


Questions from the Public

To receive any questions from members of the public addressed to Members of the Cabinet in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 11.  There is up to 5 minutes for each question, one supplementary question may be asked arising from the original question. 


Questions must relate to any matter the Council has power or which affects the Borough, except no questions may be asked in relation to 


a)    A specific planning or licensing application

b)    A specific staffing appointment or appeal, or Standards determination


Public question time will last up to 30 minutes; questions will be taken in the order of receipt. 


The deadline for submission of questions is 21st March 2024 at 12 noon. Questions should be submitted to  



Deputation t the Council Regarding Fee Increases for Beach Hut Owners

To receive a deputation from Beach Hut Owners Against Unfair Charges


Announcements by the Mayor, Leader of the Council, Cabinet Members or the Head of Paid Service


Items raised under Urgency Provisions

To consider any items the Mayor has agreed are urgent.


Recommendations from the Cabinet and Committees to Council pdf icon PDF 231 KB

To consider recommendations to the Council, details of which are set out in the attached items as 7A, 7B, 7C, 7D and 7E. 


Reports are available on the website as listed below:  



Cabinet / Committee





Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee

7 March 2024

JOSC Work Programme update and Work Programme setting for 2024/25 - Work Programme 


Worthing Joint Strategic Sub-Committee

14 March 2024

Successful Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme Phase 3c Bid


Joint Audit & Governance Committee

21 March 2024

Creating a positive complaints culture: a new code for complaints handling


Joint Audit & Governance Committee

21 March 2024

Amendments to the Constitution


Worthing Licensing & Control Committee

25 March 2024

Approval of Licensing Fees 2024/25



Additional documents:


Report of the Leader on Decisions taken by the Executive pdf icon PDF 116 KB

To receive a report from the Leader as item 8. The report contains decisions taken by the Cabinet Members since the December Full Council meeting and decisions taken by the Joint Strategic Committee and the Worthing Joint Strategic Sub-Committee since the February Full Council meeting.  


There will be up to 15 minutes for Cabinet Members to make any statements on the report. There will also be up to 15 minutes for Cabinet Members to respond to questions on the report. These questions will not be the same as any to be asked under Item 10.


Additional documents:


Schedule of Meetings 2024/25 pdf icon PDF 64 KB

To receive from the Director for Sustainability & Resources, the schedule of meetings for the Council and other meetings in the next Municipal Year. 


A copy of the schedule and covering report is attached as item 9.


Additional documents:


Members Questions under Council Procedure Rule 12

Members' question time will last up to 30 minutes, with questions being taken in the order of receipt and in rotation from each political group on the Council. The deadline for submission of questions is 21st March 2024 at 12 noon. Questions to be submitted to


Questions can be asked of the following:

a.    The Mayor

b.    A Member of the Cabinet

c.    The Chairman of any Committee

d.    The Council’s representative on any outside body


Questions cannot be asked in relation to the following:

a.    A specific planning or licensing application

b.    A specific staffing appointment, appeal or Standards determination


Part B - Not for Publication - Exempt information Reports