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Worthing Cabinet Member for the Environment

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What does this Cabinet Member do?


Cabinet Member for the Environment: Portfolio


Responsibility for the following delegated functions


·       Cemeteries and burials

·       Crematorium

·       Environmental management and strategy (to share with Climate Emergency Portfolio)

·       Environmental protection and ecological sustainability, including noise, dog control, food hygiene, land drainage, pest control and air quality (to share with the Climate Emergency portfolio)

·       Foreshore - Sussex Bay and fishing community

·       Parks, open and green spaces, including ground maintenance and allotments

·       Public health, health protection and enforcement, including Food Safety Enforcement Plan

·       Public conveniences

·       Street cleaning

·       Waste minimisation, collection and recycling

·       Water Quality, including sea bathing water status


Individual and Joint Executive Decisions can be found from the following link: Individual Member Executive Decisions



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