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Worthing Leader

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What does this Cabinet Member do?


Leader: Portfolio


Responsibility for the following functions:


·       Overall policy and strategy (vision and priorities)

·       City Deal (strategic matters)

·       Democratic Services, including committee management

·       Devolution and County liaison lead, including education and highways (Active/sustainable transport, in partnership with Regeneration’s management of transport planning & infrastructure)

·       Electoral Services within the remit of the Cabinet.

·       External relations, including complaints management, marketing and promotion

·       Head of Paid Service responsibilities

·       Mayor of the Borough and civic matters

·       Media and communications (internal and external)

·       Member Services

·       Partnership working (lead)

·       Performance management, including improvement plans

·       Reputation management, including risk (policy)

·       Transport planning and infrastructure (to share with Regeneration portfolio for active/sustainable transport development)


Individual and Joint Executive Decisions can be found from the following link: Individual Member Executive Decisions



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