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JAW/036/19-20 Adur Community Grants


Decision Maker: Adur Executive Member for Health & Wellbeing, Worthing Executive Member for Health & Wellbeing

Decision status: Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: Yes


The Worthing Executive Member for Health & Wellbeing has abstained from this decision as an Adur matter.


The Adur Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing has agreed to approve the following funding allocations:-


Vida Active - Amount Requested £3990 

This programme is based in one of Adur’s most deprived areas, but due to the number of applications received, the decision is to part-fund this application. The grant includes a condition that this group work with other Council services and providers, for example, to ensure older people have access to technology to take-part and provides details of attendance as part of a future report.

Grant: £2000


Apron - Amount Requested £2000

As a locally based ‘Arts Collective’ it is important that this organisation should work with Home-start, the Community Hub, Over The Moon and other local organisations who have the same interests to ensure commonalities in respect of community need are addressed and to prevent families that need support dropping through the gaps

Grant: £2000


MenWalkTalk - Amount Requested £4400 

This project, while tackling longer term goals and needs is not considered a priority in its entirety at this time.As things change in respect of the current crisis, it may be possible to review this decision in future grant allocations.

Not supported at this time - Deferred to the next grants round!


Cruse Bereavement - amount requested £5000

This is a vital service needed at this time and has been previously supported by Adur D.C. But in light of the current crisis, it is felt appropriate to fund them again, although it is not possible to meet their total aspirations

Grant: £2,000


Shoreham FC - amount requested £1200

Due to pressure of fund in supporting the direct impact of COVID-19 this application is not seen as a priority area for development.

Not supported at this time


Daisy Chain - amount requested £3000

Providing pro-bono legal support for people struggling with domestic abuse and other legal matters, this is a vital service.  Adur D.C. has funded this organisation before, but in light of the increase in reports of domestic abuse during the current crisis, it is felt appropropriate to fund them once again.

Grant: £1,500


Home-start - amount requested £5000

This is a vital service supporting families experiencing multiple difficulties and is particularly needed at this time.

Grant: £2,500


Time to talk befriending - amount requested £7500

Isolation and loneliness are seen as important causes of mental health issues. This organisation is providing core services for such people and also those suffering from dementia. The spread of these services into the Adur D.C. area is welcomed, but due to the limited funding available, it is not possible to fulfill the total request.  This grant is made on the understanding that these funds will be used to support the community of Adur District.

Grant: £2,000


London Hearts Charity - amount requested £1500

This application is to place a further defibrillator in the Adur district.  However, following the campaign led by a previous Chair of Adur Council, many such devices have been purchased and placed around the district.  This is therefore not seen as a priority at this time.

Not supported


The As You Are Centre - amount requested £5000

This is a service with a history of supporting those recovering from mental health issues. There is a clear understanding of the problems and pressures facing their members, and what is clear is the need to work with others tackling the same issues who may be able to refer people for specialist support for their mental health (Such as Time to Talk befriending).

Grant: £3,000


Community Transport Sussex - amount requested £5000

CTS has shown an ability and willingness to reinvent itself during the current crisis, and is providing transport for essential hospital appointments, assisting with deliveries and providing transport for children of key workers to schools. This is also a vital service for vulnerable people after lock-down and this grant will assist in keeping the organisation sustainable.

Grant: £5000


Shoreham Rowing Club - amount requested £5000

Due to pressure of fund in supporting organisations having a direct impact on COVID-19. Support, this is not supported.

Not supported at this time


Community Hub - amount requested £4500

The decision is to support this organisation financially but for the group to work closely with both the Council, Community Works and other local organisations to ensure the offer is joined up.  There are some areas that the funding request is unable to support, and there needs to be more clarity as to how allocated funds will be managed, by whom, and what safeguards there are in that respect.  These requirements will all be outlined separately in a letter to this group for mutual agreement before the funds are released.  

Grant: £1,860


Ibox - Rise - amount requested £4500

This project is not seen as a priority in providing necessary support to our communities through the Covid-19 crisis.

Not supported at this time


Reasons for the decision:

To provide support for those voluntary and charitable organisations supporting our community through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alternative options considered:

No other options have been considered

Publication date: 22/05/2020

Date of decision: 22/05/2020

Date comes into force if not called in: 02/06/2020

Call-in deadline date: 01/06/2020

Current call-in Count: 0

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