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Worthing Executive Member for Health & Wellbeing

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What does this Executive Member do?


Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing: Portfolio


Responsibility for the following delegated functions


  • Community safety anti-social behaviour management, neighbourhood disputes, safer communities.
  • Community development, including cohesion and planning, fuel poverty, wellbeing hubs.
  • Public health, health protection and enforcement, including Food Safety Enforcement Plan.
  • Cross-cutting health issues and NHS Liaison.
  • Equalities and diversity.
  • Children and young people, including family intervention project.
  • Partnership working with voluntary and community organisations (including local strategic partnership; grants and commissioning).
  • Wellbeing and development functions for culture, leisure and sport, including the cultural strategy.
  • Police performance and intelligence liaison.
  • Environmental protection, including noise, food hygiene, land drainage, pest control, air quality.
  • Dog control.


Individual and Joint Executive Decisions can be found from the following link: Individual Member Executive Decisions


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