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Adur Cabinet Member for the Environment and Leisure

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What does this Executive Member do?


Executive Member for Environment: Portfolio / Terms of Reference:


Responsibility for the following delegated functions:


·       Waste collection and recycling.  

·       Street cleaning.  

·       Street-scene, including abandoned vehicles, bus shelters, enforcement, street names and numbering, road name plates, street furniture.  

·       Environmental management and strategy.  

·       Highways liaison.  

·       Cemeteries and burials.  

·       Parks and grounds maintenance, including allotments and dog control.  

·       On and off street car parking.  

·       Public conveniences.  

·       Energy management and sustainability.  

·       Transport (maintenance).

·       Cultural Projects and/public entertainment events (not covered by the licensing functions, with a potential attendance of 500) to enhance the District's cultural offer to residents and visitors.  

·       Client for South Downs Leisure and management of Adur Leisure facilities and sites.  

·       Foreshore management, including beach huts and chalets, beach maintenance.


Individual and Joint Executive Decisions can be found from the following link: Individual Member Executive Decisions



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