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Adur Cabinet Member for Adur Homes and Customer Services

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What does this Executive Member do?


Executive Member for Customer Services: Portfolio / Terms of Reference:


Responsibility for the following delegated functions:


·       Customer contacts and services, including Help Points.

·       Housing and Council Tax benefits (Adur).

·       Housing - Housing Revenue Account, ACF Tenants' Services, antisocial behaviour/ neighbourhood disputes in relation to tenants, sheltered housing, leasehold administration, Adur Housing Voice, Adur Talkback, Choice Based Lettings, Community Alarm, Grounds Maintenance and Building Cleaning, Adur Home Service, Temporary Accommodation Management.

·       Housing strategy and housing enabling role; affordable housing provision; housing register need options and advice.

·       Housing – non-Housing Revenue Account - including homelessness and advice (prevention and management), private sector housing and other housing services - choice based lettings, grants (disability and housing).

·       Adur Homes Board


Individual and Joint Executive Decisions can be found from the following link: Individual Member Executive Decisions


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