Committee details

Worthing Licensing and Control Sub Committee A

Purpose of committee

Except for matters of policy, to undertake all licensing functions, powers and duties conferred on the Council (except under the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005), including the matters set out below:


The Council’s licensing and enforcement functions relating to individual licences, consents or permits for:

(a) hackney carriages and private hire drivers, vehicles, and private hire operators’ licences (taxi licences)

(b) caravan sites

(c) animal welfare

(d) street trading

(e) public protection

(f) sex establishments where the Director of Communities considers the matter merits the Sub- Committee’s attention.


In particular the Sub-Committees will consider and determine matters relating to licences, permits, approvals, orders, consents or similar authorisations under the above provisions where the Director of Communities considers that the matter merits the Sub-Committee’s attention.

Contact information

Support officer: Katy McMullan
Democratic Services Officer
01903 221006. Email: