Agenda item

Adoption of Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan


The Principal Planning Officer introduced the report and advised that for several years the Council had been working in partnership with WSCC, Brighton & Hove City Council, and the Shoreham Port Authority to develop the JAAP for the Shoreham Harbour and surrounding areas.


The Council had received the Inspector’s report in August 2019 and that, with the planned modifications, the Plan was considered sound, legally compliant and could be adopted by the three Councils.


The Officer advised that at the next Joint Strategic Committee, the following day, the Members of that Committee would be asked to recommend that Adur Council adopt the Plan.


The Officer advised that adoption of the Plan would enable the Council and other authorities to focus on delivering, and enable the regeneration of the area.


The Planning Committee were being asked for any comments to be forwarded to the Joint Strategic Committee.


The Committee had considered the reports and appendices, and the Officer answered a couple of queries on the Plan from Members. 


One Member specifically commented on the Western Harbour Arm which he stated had been earmarked for the development of a minimum of 1,100 new dwellings, of which the Council had currently agreed 550.  The Member felt the Executive should bear in mind, when liaising with developers, the height of any future development.



The Planning Committee noted and commented on the: 


  • Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan (JAAP);
  • Main Modifications to the Shoreham Harbour JAAP;
  • Planning Inspector’s report on the JAAP’s soundness and legal compliance; and 
  • Adur Policies Map 2019 (revised to incorporate the policies in the JAAP).


Comments would be forwarded to the Joint Strategic Committee on 8 October 2019, which would be asked to recommend that Adur Council adopts the JAAP (as modified) along with the revised Policies Map.


Supporting documents: