Agenda item

Recommendations from the Executive and Committees to Council

To consider recommendations to the Council, details of which are set out in the attached items as 8A and 8B(i) to 8B(v). 


            Full reports are available on the website as listed below:  









Joint Overview & Scrutiny Committee

20 June 2019

i) Joint Overiew and Scrutiny Annual Report 2018/19,154164,en.pdf




Joint Strategic Committee

9 |July 2019

i) JSC/013/19-20 Financial

Performance 2018/19 – Revenue Outturn,154334,en.pdf


ii) JSC/014/19-20 Financial Performance 2018/19 - Capital and Projects Outturn,154335,en.pdf


iii) JSC/015/9-20 Becoming financially sustainable - Revenue Budget Strategy for 2020/21,154336,en.pdf


iv) JSC/016/19-20 Becoming financially sustainable - Capital Strategy 2020/21,154337,en.pdf



v) JSC/023/19-20 Supporting further and higher education provision: Strategic loan to local education provider GBMet,154345,en.pdf






Council had before it recommendations from the Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the Joint Strategic Committee. 


Extracts of these minutes had been circulated as items 8A and 8B(i) to (v).


Supporting documents: