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Interview with Adur Cabinet Member for the Environment and Leisure

To consider a report by the Director for Digital and Resources, copy attached as item 10.


The Committee had a report before it attached as item 10, this had been circulated to all Members and a copy of which is attached to a signed copy of these minutes.


This report set out background information on the Portfolio of the Adur Cabinet Member for Environment and Leisure to enable the Committee to consider and question the Cabinet Member on issues within her portfolio and any other issues which the Cabinet Member was involved in connected with the work of the Council and the Adur communities


A Member asked “I'm hearing from more and more residents who are concerned about the number of aggressive, off-lead dogs in our community spaces. Does the council data reflect this and what can be done?”


Response -

Members were told that the council had noticed a slight increase in complaints regarding alleged out of control dogs causing issues to local residents.  In response they were increasing patrols in problem areas they were made aware of and were able to use the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) powers to immediately get owners to put their dog on a lead if seen to be causing issues to others. They could also issue Community Protection Warnings to owners.


There seemed to be an issue with 'lockdown puppies' as they grew older. As a result of lockdowns many of these dogs didn't socialise or receive training as they would have under normal circumstances.


Many owners may not have understood that their dogs could cause fear and distress by letting their dogs be unruly. To combat this, they were increasing patrols in the problem areas, talking to dog owners, using powers if needed and providing education through the use of blog posts.


A Member asked “Please can you update us regarding measures that ADC is putting in place to provide onshore and/or offshore beach patrols on Shoreham Beach over the summer period.”


Response -

Members were told the Parks & Foreshore Service was in the planning stage of providing an onshore weekend Foreshore Safety and Wellbeing service for Shoreham Beach. Plans were being drawn up to provide a service from Easter and across the school summer holiday period.


During these patrols a Coastal Warden would be ensuring the compliance of beach safety equipment, managing designated swim areas, environmental protection and issuing safety and wellbeing advice to beach users between the Church of the Good Shepherd - Western harbour Arm, a distance of 1.8 miles. An additional Coastal Warden would be in place for this period.



A Member asked “Every month I do a walk round Manor Park , with an update from Head Ranger Anthony , having now  lost one Ranger and one member  of the senior management team , are these to be replaced. Are we making sure that Adur is receiving their full share of time from this dept. and that we are not losing out to Worthing in what is now a very overstretched dept. Can you tell me how this is monitored and is it being addressed?”


Response -

Members were told the resources deployed in Adur remain unchanged with the exception of the Park Ranger vacancy and the process to recruit a replacement Park Ranger was progressing. The vacancy would be filled shortly. In the meantime the work was being shared amongst the remaining Park Rangers so as to ensure planned activity continues. 

The Parks & Foreshore service was currently undergoing a service review as part of the wider restructure across the councils.  An Acting Parks & Foreshore Manager had been in place since the departure of the previous post holder and this would continue until the implementation of a new structure planned to commence on 1st April 2023. 


A Member asked “Has this local authority been made aware that a plastic bottle Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) is due to be rolled out in October 2025? It's expected that plastic containers will continue to travel through the local authority waste stream and those can be picked out and deposited back into the scheme redeeming the deposit on them. Since this council is the kerbside collection service, is it the council's intention to participate in this scheme yourselves and if so how do you think this would impact the council's contract with Viridor through the County Council?”


Response -

Members were told officers and the council knew about the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) which was due to come into force in 2025. There were many complications to consider, such as the separation of recycled waste from residents and storage of collected material. A more detailed written response would be provided.




The committee had no recommendations for the Adur Cabinet Member for Environment and Leisure

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