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Questions from the public

To receive any questions from members of the public addressed to Members of the Executive in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 11. There is up to 5 minutes for each question, one supplementary question may be asked arising from the original question.


Questions must relate to any matter the Council has power or which affects the District except no questions may be asked on


a)    A specific planning or licensing application

b)    A specific staffing appointment or appeal or Standards determination


Public question time will last up to 30 minute; questions will be taken in order of receipt. The deadline for submissions is 16 July 2019 at 12 noon.


Questions to be submitted to


Ms Barb O’Kelly asked the following question:


The working group set up by JOSC to review Adur and Worthing transport strategy issues in their final report item 13.7 were concerned at the lack of progress being made by the Highways Agency and the Department of Transport in addressing pollution, despite the Council's previous representations.


The group therefore made the following recommendation:that the leaders of the Council be urged to write again to the Highways Agency and the Department of Transport to express concern at the lack of progress in addressing the Council's concern about air pollution on the A27. Has this been followed through? If not, then why not?  If so, then what has been the response?


The Leader told members that he was in the process of coordinating a letter with the Leader of Worthing Borough Council (who was Chair of the A27 group), mps and local businesses. It was stated that the timing of the letter was important. A new Secretary of State for Transport was due to be appointed in a matter of weeks and the letter should be held off so that it arrived early into their appointment.


Anne Younger asked a question on behalf of Alan Robb:


We know the benefits of planting trees to absorb CO2 and of specific trees and bushes to capture particulate matter. Children at the skate park and residents along the A27 and the A259, where the affordable housing is located beside the road, are exposed to high levels of pollution at peak times. Will the council insist that?:


1. New developments along these roads are screened by more than just a few token trees

2. A screen of trees and bushes is located on the perimeters of the skate park to protect the children, who are particularly vulnerable to adverse health effects from air pollution.


The Executive Member for Regeneration told the council that In relation to the Districts planning regime, policy set out in the Adur Local Plan states: Development should not result in pollution or hazards which prejudice the health and safety of the local community and the environment Mitigation measures will need to be implemented for developments that could increase levels of pollution. Where appropriate, air quality assessments and/or noise assessments will be required in conjunction with development proposals. Any mitigation measure would be site specific. Tree screening along highway verges is normally the responsibility of West Sussex County Council, and it is unlike that all developments could screened off completely.  There are also other mitigations which the Council may seek to reduce emissions, such as providing EV charging points.


As for parks and open spaces, our parks services are currently undertaking a review of our landscapes in the context of climate change, improving ecosystems and increasing opportunities for biodiversity and habitat.


This would result not only in planting, but how we manage our landscapes more broadly. The council were informed of a tree planting scheme whereby trees were being planted in the West Adur Area including one road that was being transformed into an avenue with the planting of 24 trees. Groups were invited to get in contact with the Executive Member with regards to more tree planting.


Bola Rotibi asked the following question:


I noticed at JSC that Head of Regeneration did not vote for the climate emergency passed by the Executive- in my role as Energy Manager for Sussex Uni I would see this as crucial support. Why was this and should we be concerned given under his portfolio is housing policy and transport infrastructure. The Leader told the Council that there had been no vote taken on the item at the meeting in question and a general agreement had been made concerning the item.