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Joint Senior Staff Committee

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Information about Joint Senior Staff Committee

The Joint Senior Staff Committee is responsible for the following:


·       To be responsible for the recruitment and terms and conditions of the Chief Executive (Head of Paid Service), Chief Finance Officer and Monitoring Officer, and make recommendations on any proposed appointment, and terms and conditions, to the Council and Worthing Borough Council.

·       All matters relating to the investigation, hearing and determination of any grievance against or allegation of misconduct by the Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer or Monitoring Officer, including the appointment of the Independent Panel, the receipt of their report and the implementation of their recommendations. Where the Panel’s recommendation is to dismiss the Chief Executive, the Chief Finance Officer or the Monitoring Officer, or where the Joint Senior Staff Committee propose to dismiss, the power to approve any proposed dismissal is reserved to Full Council.

·       To be responsible for the function of the appointment of Non-Statutory Chief Officers and Deputy Chief Officers.


The specific responsibilities and functions delegated to this Committee are set out in detail in the Joint Committee Agreement of each council's constitution.