Venue: Worthing Town Hall, Gordon Room

Contact: Katy McMullan
Democratic Services Officer
01903 221006  Email:

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Declarations of Interest

Members and officers must declare any disclosable pecuniary interests in relation to

any business on the agenda. Declarations should also be made at any stage such

an interest becomes apparent during the meeting.


If in doubt contact the Legal or Democratic Services representative for this meeting.


Public Question Time

So as to provide the best opportunity for the Committee to provide the public with the fullest answer, questions from the public should be submitted by midday on Wednesday 13 September 2023.


Where relevant notice of a question has not been given, the person presiding may either choose to give a response at the meeting or respond by undertaking to provide a written response within three working days.


Questions should be submitted to Democratic Services -


(Note: Public Question Time will last for a maximum of 30 minutes)


Members Questions

Pre-submitted Members questions are pursuant to rule 12 of the Council & Committee Procedure Rules.


Questions should be submitted by midday on Wednesday 13 September 2023 to Democratic Services,


(Note: Member Question Time will operate for a maximum of 30 minutes.)


Confirmation of Minutes

To approve the minutes of the meetings of the Licensing Committee held on 8 June 2022, 1 March 2023, 27 April 2023, 1 June 2023 and the Licensing Sub Committees on 15 May 2023, 17 July 2023, 3 August 2023 and 21st August 2023, 24 August 2023 and 30 August 2023 which have been emailed to Members.


Items Raised Under Urgency Provisions

To consider any items the Chairman of the meeting considers to be urgent


Licensing Act 2003 – Review of Statement of Licensing Policy pdf icon PDF 1 MB

A report by the Director for Sustainability & Resources, attached as item 6.